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Help Fran!

Fran is 32 years old. He has Friedrich's Ataxia, a neurodegenerative disease. Despite this, he wants to live a fulfilling life and he's always studying the subjects he is passionate about: Philology and Literature. Currently he lives in Madrid and is on the waiting list to enter a residence that would be very suitable for him. But until that moment, he has to pay for his own means the residence where he currently lives in, temporarily. Together we can help him.

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Spanish not - for - profit charity: net coordinating groups and volunteers.Humanitarian aid to refugees coming from armed conflicts (Syria, Irak, Afganistan, Nigeria etc).We collect humanitarian aid and send it to Greece. We help refugees, living on the streets, camps and abandoned buildings. First urgent aid,,warehouse Athens, food for 6000 refugees , basic personal toiletries, legal advice, med,etc.). Awareness activities..We provide food for hot meals on the street

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Sin investigación no hay cura. Actualmente no existen tratamientos curativos para las mastocitosis y necesitamos tu colaboración para seguir investigando. ¿Nos ayudas? La piel es el órgano que con mayor frecuencia está afectado, pero también pueden estar implicados la médula ósea, huesos, hígado, bazo, tubo digestivo. Nuestros niños y adultos sufren muchos picores, ampollas, dolores de cabeza y abdominales, diarreas, mareos, malestar general, enrojecimiento facial, osteoporosis, anafilaxias.