José Ángel Fernandez Álvarez

José Ángel Fernandez Álvarez

León, Spain

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Asociación Gatos Ancat Badajoz

Gatos Ancat Badajoz cares for abandoned cats in the city of Badajoz that come to us through the municipal animal collection service and we take care of them to give them the opportunity to have a decent life. Everyone must go to the veterinarian to be vaccinated, tested, sterilized, dewormed, as well as other veterinary treatments according to the needs they require, all without subsidies or official aid, only from individuals who collaborate with the association.

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Positive cats "Gatos Ancat Badajoz" Association

Gatos Ancat Badajoz cares for cats positive for feline leukemia like any other cat that comes to the association. Unfortunately their adoptions are minimal, when these felines can have the same quality of life as one that is not. For this reason, the cats stay in the association and the expenses are assumed permanently: food, veterinarian, litter, cleaning ... Which is a very high monthly charge for the number of cats we have.

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Help cats with feline calcivirus Gatos Ancat Badajoz

In Ancat there are many cats with calcivirus, a very contagious and dangerous virus in the case of cats with a weak immune system. It mainly affects the upper respiratory tract and causes sneezing, nasal discharge, constant tearing, fever, etc. They are cats that need expensive medicines and special food. This group is to get the necessary funds for these cats to undergo their veterinary check-ups when they need it and we can give them a quality of life.

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Animal Rescue España

We rescue abandoned and mistreated animals all around Spain. With your support, all of us together can make this possible! Just 1 euro a month can help us a lot to make these animals' dreams come true!

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Asociación Ocho Vidas

Somos una Asociación de amigos que nació para mejorar la situación de los gatos ''los eternos olvidados'' en la Comunidad de La Rioja. También ayudamos al resto de animales necesitados. Como todos sabéis esta comunidad autónoma es la peor en número de abandonos según el número de habitantes, queremos poner fin a esto. Por favor, ayudadnos a pagar sus gastos veterinarios, hay que poner chip, vacunas, testar de enfermedades, esterilizar, ¡es mucho! ¡Solos no podemos! ¡Muchas gracias por ayudarles!

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Lion's Roar - Stop Canned Hunting

Lion'S Roar is a group whose main objective is the conservation of Wild Life, to make it possible we help and collaborate through donations with associations and sanctuaries that fight to rescue Wild Animals, from zoos, circuses and the indiscriminate breeding that uses them for the Canned Hunting. In all the rescues, the animals are in conditions of exploitation or abuse, we offer them through our collaboration that their living conditions improve in a natural environment.