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Amigos de Gambia

It is a solidarity project formed by a group of volunteers who cooperate in the help of people. The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa but has a large population, most of them are children out of school for lack of means. Our task in Spain is to collect material throughout the year in order to fill a container that we distribute ourselves when arriving in the Gambia. All the money collected is to pay the shipping costs of the containers. More info

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Educando Mentes

Educating minds is an initiative to help people from underdeveloped countries in a different way. As its name suggests, it is about educating the mind, but not only of the people who receive the help but also of those who give it. We need to learn how to optimize the help we put in place to make it more impact-efficient and more durable. You have to listen to people who need help and count on them to get involved in that help being real.