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Barcelona, Spain

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Asistencia Solidaria Animal

Financial aid and advice to individuals or other associations with sick animals, requiring veterinary care or treatment. Fundraising to care for our protégés if they become ill or need veterinary treatment or flower therapy, and to help families with financial problems. It helps individuals with financial problems to access, through the association, veterinarians at reduced prices.

€19,596 Raised

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Teamer since:  25/03/2020

Cats Home BCN

Unique space and shelter for a small group of cats for adoption. Singular space in Barcelona, ​​a must for cat lovers. A different, beautiful and cozy shelter, a home for the cats that live in it, and a place where humans want to come and spend long hours. Timeless home to a small group of cats that are difficult to adopt, where priority is given to adults, fearful puppies, or those who suffer from any health or behavioral problems.

€16,322 Raised

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Teamer since:  25/03/2020

El Rincón del Gatito Feo

There are no ugly kittens, there are only hearts insensitive to beauty. We call those who live in the colonies 'ugly' kittens, who roam the streets filthy waiting for their human angels to feed them every day, heal them when they are sick, and miss them when they are gone. Economic and infrastructure support in the control of colonies. The main problem is the lack of money and volunteers to be able to apply the CER (Sterilization Capture and Return) method.

€4,777 Raised

70 Teamers

Teamer since:  25/03/2020

Banca Animalista

Help and support to those people who with limited resources do not stop feeding not a single day to their 'children' on the street, those they foster, or those who are part of their family. Collection and distribution of donations of feed, cans and medicines for animals in need, those who do not have a home and those whose family is experiencing financial difficulties.

€11,469 Raised

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Teamer since:  25/03/2020

Los Animales de ADiRA

Management of rescues, fostering and adoptions of both the animals supervised by ADiRA, as well as those of other associations or individuals who ask for help. Rescue of animals in danger, abandoned or lost. Search for a temporary home for those animals that are on the street, or that live with humans who can no longer take care of them. Search for the best home for each of the foster animals that are ready to be adopted.

€7,009 Raised

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Teamer since:  02/04/2020

Gats del Carrer

“Gats del Carrer” somos una asociación sin ánimo de lucro formada por un grupo de personas comprometidas con los animales que trabajamos para conseguir una mejor calidad de vida de los animales que viven en la calle. Nuestros objetivos son: - Control de colonias de gatos callejeros - Encontrar casas de acogida y adopción - Fomentar la tenencia responsable de animales - Denunciar prácticas que vulneren llos derechos de los animales - Trabajar contra el abandono y maltrato animal

€10,593 Raised

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Teamer since:  03/04/2020

Gats de Gràcia

Nuestros obejtivos son: -Cuidado veterinario, mantenimiento y control (mediante la técnica CER: captura, esterilización y retorno, la más humana y eficaz) de las colonias felinas en el distrito de Gràcia (Barcelona). -Rescate de gatos abandonados o en situación de peligro y promoción de adopciones responsables con implantación de chip.-Impartir talleres educativos para senisiblizar y mejorar el conocimiento sobre los gatos y su presencia en la ciudad. Gracias por tu ayuda y difusión.

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Teamer since:  09/07/2020

Espai de Gats

Espai de Gats is the first cat café, adoption and education center of Barcelona. Here, you will be able to relax accompanied by our cats, whilst you enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, and a vegan pastry. And, if you fall in love with any of the cats, you may adopt them. This non-profit project is only sustainable thanks to people like you, that either love cats, or feel curious about these small felines. We allocate the teamers' contribution entirely to the cats' maintenaince.