Javier Godínez Pinel

Málaga, Spanien

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Seit 13-04-2020 gespendet: 36 €

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Teaming-Manager seit:   14/04/2020

The Social Water

Distribuimos filtros purificadores de agua entre familias y escuelas que viven a diario la Crisis del Agua. El 100% de las aportaciones que recibamos a través de Teaming se transformará en acceso a agua potable para aquellos que más lo necesitan. ¿Quieres aportar tu gota?

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Teamer seit:  14/10/2020

Spirit23 / Green Plastic

Spirit23 is an Eco-project that promotes cleaning of beaches, forests and mountains over the world. We daily work in favor of environmental conservation, we collect all kinds of garbage that is recycle efficiently through our own green spot. At socially level, we carry out different environmental awareness campaigns; collect, recycling, reforestation and sustainable tourism. Please find more information at www.spirit23.es