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Fundación Santuario Gaia

Fundación Santuario Gaia è un centro vegano di recupero per animali considerati come fattoria, dove coloro che sono stati sfruttati, maltrattati o abbandonati, ricevono le cure necessarie per avere una vita decente per il resto della loro vita. Situato a Camprodon (Girona) nei Pirenei, circondato da foreste, fiumi e montagne. Conosci gli abitanti del Santuario qui: http://www.fundacionsantuariogaia.org/persone/

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Friends of George Stray Dogs

We are dedicated to saving and improving animal lives. Sheltering animals that have no chance of surviving on the streets. Treating them for diseases and maintaining a good level of health. Always hopeful that they will find their forever homes along the way. George Orfanidis has been rescuing animals in Greece, Crete for over 20 years, he has devoted and dedicated his life to make a difference in a world of indifference. He has 100 dogs that need our help.

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Teamer da:  05/02/2021

Strays of my Soul by Maria Fragkouli Kreta

Maria Fragkouli lebt in Lerapetra auf Kreta und kümmert sich aufopfernd um streunende Hunde und Katzen. Derzeit leben bei Maria über 50 Hunde und ca. 20 Katzen. Ferner kümmert sie sich um weitere Straßentiere und versorgt diese mit Futter und führt sie, wenn nötig, dem Tierarzt zu. Maria benötigt dringend unsere Unterstützung bei der Versorgung der Straßentiere. Bitte helft. Die Tiere benötigen Futter, med. Versorgung, Kastrationen etc. und ein liebevolles Zuhause.

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Teamer da:  04/03/2021

Apac Castilblanco

Asociación Pro Animales de Castilblanco APAC (Sevilla), somos una Asociación sin animo de lucro. Nuestra finalidad es poder asumir costes veterinarios de los animales que van llegando a nosotros, muchos de ellos viene desnutridos, con enfermedades graves, intervenciones quirúrgicas, de hospitalización y un sin fin de problemas de salud. Agradecemos cualquier tipo de donación para ellos. Lo importante es ayudarles, ellos solo nos tienen a nosotros.

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Teamer da:  05/05/2021

Galgo Project

We, Galgo Project Foundation, support shelter Huellas Puertollano, a private foundation in Spain with only one mission, to find a new home for stray animals that have been left to their own devices. Help them and become a Teamer? Every month you donate 1 euro through Teaming and with this you support our work in Spain! Teaming is easy and reliable. Cancellation is possible monthly.

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Teamer da:  06/05/2021

Vaso Shelter Gargalianoi Messinia Greece Non Profit

Vaso has a shelter in her home town of Gargalianoi Greece about 70 km from Kalamata where she cares and protects for 60 dogs and 28 cats in her shelter and the strays in her town. She has been rescuing Greek animals for nearly 20 years. She struggles to meet the daily costs for food and medicines let alone vet care . These animals have all been saved from the streets many pregnant or abused in unspeakable ways or as puppies Teaming will help Vaso meet some of their needs.

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Teamer da:  14/05/2021

HOOPE Animal Welfare

Hoope is an animal welfare organization that rescues, cares for and seeks homes for abandoned animals. We have two centers in Madrid, a municipal CPA and a sanctuary where various animals live, such as donkeys, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep ... Likewise, at Hoope we go one step further and carry out projects to help people at risk of social exclusion, because we want to take care of that essential bond that unites us and makes us stronger.