Iván López Garrido

Iván López Garrido

Madrid, Espanya

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Do you dare to collaborate with a Social Psychology Project?

I am Iván Garrido and I was born with HIV. Psychologist. Entrepreneur and today, I have come to fulfill my dream. Since I started my career, I have dreamed of having this Project. A Project in which Mental Health and all its resources have ethical prices. We are going to help each other, we are going to collaborate, we are going to give our all in this, because we are going to achieve it. Among all the people, we are going to make it possible: Kintsugi Project.

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As. Social, Medioambiental y de Protección Animal Retorno al Equilibrio

Our association was born with the aim of meeting the needs of animals that are in a situation of abandonment and / or abuse, publicize and help with environmental catastrophes, as well as in these times to be a voice for the elimination of social inequalities. We believe that animal, environmental and social welfare is totally related. You can get updated information about our projects, rescues and activities on Facebook: @retornoalequilibrio