Israel Corpas

Sevilla, Spain

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Teamer in 1 Groups

Contributes every month: €2 to 2 Groups

Since 20-08-2017 has contributed €113

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Teaming Manager since:   20/08/2017

ISBILYA PFC Futbol en silla motorizadas

First Powerchair Fútbol Club (football in an electric wheelchair) in the City of Seville, self-managed by people with disabilities. Our goal is that people in electric wheelchairs can practice a sport helping their rehabilitation, normalization and personal autonomy. Facilitating social integration by improving self-esteem and personal development

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€1,199 Raised

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Teamer since:  17/09/2017

Córdoba Patrimonio Atómicos

Powerchair Foorball's part (to diseabled athletes) from Córdoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad, the best Córdoba's futsal team.