Isaura Lekuona Pueyo

Girona, Spagna

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I am a private person who takes care of a huge colony of cats, in Juià, Girona. The City Council does not want to know anything about it. I discovered the colony by chance, full of hungry and sick cats. Many of them unrecoverable due to their critical state of malnutrition and dehydration. By my own resources, I fed them and treat the sick ones, in order to achieve and improvement on their quality of life. But now it is out of control. I need budget to sterilize, vet cares, a refuge, volunteers

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PROGAT Palamós (Teaming Oficial)

Somos una ONG, registrada y formada por unas pocas voluntarias. Nos encargamos de alimentar, cuidar y sobre todo esterilizar los gatos callejeros del pueblo de Palamós (Girona) aplicando el programa CES (Captura Esterilización Suelta). Con un pequeño gesto, nos puedes ayudar mucho. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!

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TAIL Torrox 1€ Campaign

We are Torrox Animal Internation League (TAIL), a local charity/ refuge set in Torrox, Malaga. Our goals are to rescue and rehome abandoned and maltreated dogs and work to educate local community about dog care and neutering. With new cases of animal abandonment every week,we need your help to keep on pursuing these goals. Please subscribe to our one euro campaign!