Isabel Camacho González

Isabel Camacho González

Vizcaya, Espanha

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El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation

Would you like to help animals for only 1€ a month? This is your chance! El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation rescues all kinds of animals from exploitation, abuse and abandonment. We are an Foundation with no subsidies, so all the 200 animals living at the sanctuary receive veterinary and food care, both physically and emotionally, thanks to micro-donations from people like you. Will you help us keep saving lives? Become our teamer.

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Ciudad Animal

Ciudad Animal es un refugio situado en el corazón de la Mancha, donde el galgo y los demás perros de caza son castigados, además de otros mestizos. Ahora mismo hay aproximadamente 200 perros que buscan una oportunidad. Llevamos 10 años luchando diariamente para conseguir ayudas y poder seguir con nuestra labor. Conócenos en nuestra página web ¡Gracias por tu ayuda!

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It is a rescue project in the Mediterranean activated by SMH (Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario) with the aim of defending life and human rights. Our main tool is the ship Aita Mari, with which we help people who go to sea in search of refuge and peace. About 16,000 euros is the amount it costs us to fill the boat's fuel tanks. Help us get to them and rescue them. Every month you will know that that euro, is helping to save lives.

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Santuario Vegan

Santuario Vegan was born in 2011 with the purpose that we work for every day of the year: saving and protecting farmed animals. Thanks to your support, more than 300 residents: horses, donkeys, cows, bulls, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry were saved from a certain death. Here, they receive love, care and health treatment in a natural space away from exploitation.

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Galgos de la Mancha

En plena zona de La Mancha, dónde de los que no nos acordamos no tienen ni nombre, nace la asociación Galgos de La Mancha. En una zona dónde hay nulas adopciones, y un masivo abandono, precisamos de vuestra ayuda continua para salir adelante. Rescatamos, acogemos, rehabilitamos y buscamos hogar a los que sufren las consecuencias del abandono derivado de la caza. ¡Ayúdanos desde 1€ al mes!

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Huellas Salvadas

Non-profit animal protection association dedicated to the rescue and care of dogs and cats mostly abandoned or retired from hunting, in addition to providing veterinary care. We also defend animal rights and denounce the bad acts against them. In these moments, building our animal shelter, since we work with shelters. We will not be able to save the world, but we can save the world from many of them.

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Rociana Acoge

Rociana Acoge es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que ayuda a los animales abandonados acogiéndolos hasta que se les encuentra una familia de adopción

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Asociación Animalista Libera

En Libera! llevamos a cabo campañas de todo tipo para informar y concienciar acerca de la explotación a la que son sometidos los animales. Queremos cambiar la consideración que tenemos de ellos como recursos u objetos, lo que incluye la defensa de sus derechos en el marco legislativo, político, social y moral.

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Playing, la ONG del deporte

We are a different kind of NGO. We organize sports events in Spain for the educational project in Basori, Gambia. More than 70 young volunteers work for this dream, join the game! "There is no better investment of money and time than in the education of a child, because they are our future." YOU PLAY, EVERYBODY WINS.

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Roke Enea Microsanctuary

Roke Enea es un paraíso donde convivimos animales de cinco especies. Todas las refugiadas han sido rescatadas de la violencia, el abandono y la indignidad. Aquí han encontrado una familia, el calor de un hogar y el amor y respeto que merecen sin que sean utilizadas como recursos sino como individuos con derechos y dignidad.

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El Sueño de Jill

Mini animal sanctuary for victims of abuse and animal exploitation located in Galicia Currently, we host more than 30 animals of different species. Our mission is to give animals a decent life. We promote veganism and we fight every day against speciesism You can help give them the opportunity to be SOMEONE and not something. Any help, however small, is vital to save these angels.

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Our fight is daily for animal welfare, if you follow us through the Social Networks and you will see it every day, we help unconditionally and altruistically to change the lives of some abandoned and rescued animals and especially mistreated in Jaén. The most important thing is to see the result, and those little eyes that speak to you and say: Got! and to get that word, without you, it is not possible. So once again THANK YOU !!! For leaving your mark.