Isabel Bartés Rodríguez

Barcelona, Spain

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Amics dels Animals a Cardona

Creamos este grupo con la finalidad de poder ayudar a los peludos, principalmente para poder cubrir visitas de urgencias al veterinario, medicación, pruebas y cirugías

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La prioridad de PROGAT CASTELLAR VALLÈS es la atención, protección y el control de los gatos callejeros, establecidos en colonias o no, por tal de satisfacer sus necesidades básicas y dar respuesta a los posibles problemas de convivencia que tanto entre ellos como con las personas

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Associació Els Quissos

Els Quissos is a non-profit association dedicated to helping homeless animals. We take them to the vet to vaccinate, deworming, microchip and spay/neuter. In our shelter live about 25-30 dogs and 5-10 in foster homes that need maintenance and veterinary services. In cases of geriatric animals and chronic illness the expenses are high. WE DO NOT RECEIVE FUNDINGS so we depend on specific help and the contributions of partners, sponsors and TEAMING.

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APAN - Associació Protectora d'Animals de l'Anoia (animal shelter)

APAN is an animal shelter, located near Barcelona. The project was born with the aim of finding beautiful families for the dogs and cats living the shelter, promoting volunteerism, animal welfare awareness as well as respect and love for the animals. We have more than 60 dogs and cats at the moment. We speak for them, as they have no voice and cannot raise their paws to ask for help. Can you help us to continue helping them? ❤