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Farm Sanctuary in Pisa, Italy for animals who are victims of exploitation and speciesism. We promote animal rights. Website/Sito: http://ippoasi.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ippoasi

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Ippoasi is a sanctuary for animals who are victims of exploitation and speciesism. We promote animal rights and a vegan lifestyle. Rifugio per animali vittime dello sfruttamento e dello specismo. Lottiamo contro schiavitù e sfruttamento animale. www.ippoasi.org

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Nathalie Duyck
Nathalie Duyck
Teaming Manager

26/09/2016 19:05 h

Fattoria della Pace Ippoasi Onlus (Farm of peace Ippoasi) is a volunteering organisation that has been founded in 2010. Our mission is to put into practice the promotion of a non-violent way of living, starting from the relationship between human and non human animals. To reach our goal we have set up different projects but the project that requires most attention and that makes us known on a national level is the management of two sanctuaries who host animals previously considered as “livestock”.

The first sanctuary, Ippoasi, can be found near Pisa, the second one, Rifugio della Bubi, is located more southwards in Tuscany at La Sassa (province of Pisa). In these places of peace, approximately 3,5 and 2 hectares big, live around 90 animals (cows, horses, donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats). These animals can live in total freedom, in a natural way, without being asked for anything in return. Any specific requirements for their species are met respecting their natural behaviour (environment, food and social requirements) thus enabling every animal to be the director of their own life.

Amongst other activities the Factory of Peace takes up an important double role: one being the rescue, hosting and supporting of animals saved from a situation of abuse (food produce, entertainment, …), like we do at Rifugio della Bubi, the other one being educating the public by conducting guided visits.

The sanctuary is in fact open for the public and every year thousands of persons have the possibility to get to know the animals. Each and everyone of them are defined as “ambassadors of their own species”. Through direct encounters with these wonderful creatures the visitors not only are informed about the living conditions of animals who are still living inside the farming industry, boxes or other places that are certainly not suitable for their needs but they also get to know their emotional characteristics and specific species-related needs.

This direct encounter can be an important starting point for analysis of the actual relationship between human and non-human animals. Being supplied with important information the visitors can make real informed choices. The visits are also adapted for schools, social cooperative organisations and centres for disabled persons. This important aspect improves our contribution to a real, concrete change in this society.

Ippoasi is also very active in social domains, being at the disposition of any person who for any possible reason has lost some important values and who has made some choices in his/her life that put him/her into a precarious situation. For this the association has made agreements with several organisations and the court of Pisa.

Through volunteering at the sanctuary and establishing relationships with all the animals living there anyone can find back inner serenity which can be usefull to sort out their own life and to regain trust in themselves and others.

Besides these important and challenging activities the association organises and participates in various events (festivals, benefits) in all of Italy, aiming to promote the core values of the project (nonviolence, respect, equity, solidarity) and supports other realities in transition to help them move to a non violent approach to human and non human animals.

The project Ippoasi is based on two fundamental pilars: volunteering and economical support.

To be a volunteer at the sanctuary enables to interact in a direct way with the marvelous animals living at the sanctuary, to know them in a more profound way and to really appreciate their emotional and characteristic diversity. On the other hand volunteering also helps the daily management of this reality.

The activities of the association are economically supported by donations of persons who believe in the project and want to give a helping hand. There are loads of possibilities to support the project: long-distance adoption of an animal living at the sanctuary, donations, or become a “friend of Ippoasi”.

For any information you can contact us by mail at tutmonda@ippoasi.org or call at +39 3897629476 Visit our website at www.ippoasi.org or go to our English Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/ippoasy

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14/08/2022 10:24 h

Ciao, sono nuova di questo teaming, sono particolarmente fiera di sostenere una realtà bellissima e nobile che agisce nella mia città. Buon lavoro ragazzi, e buona vita agli animali bellissimi che ospitate.

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Nathalie Duyck
Nathalie Duyck
Teaming Manager

26/09/2016 19:03 h

Video presentation of the project. A video with English subtitles will follow :-)

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