Iolanda Maurici Jareño

Iolanda Maurici Jareño

Barcelona, Spagna

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Spanish not - for - profit charity: net coordinating groups and volunteers.Humanitarian aid to refugees coming from armed conflicts (Syria, Irak, Afganistan, Nigeria etc).We collect humanitarian aid and send it to Greece. We help refugees, living on the streets, camps and abandoned buildings. First urgent aid,,warehouse Athens, food for 6000 refugees , basic personal toiletries, legal advice, med,etc.). Awareness activities..We provide food for hot meals on the street

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Smiles on the Way

Smiles on the Way is a non-profit association that works organizing donation campaigns, both material and financial, aimed at other NGOs or entities that need such resources to make their work more effective. Right now focused on the refugee crisis in Lesbos.   The donations are aimed to be able to buy stuff that can't be obtained by second hand or ist too hard to get. For example underwear, shoes, food and toiletries   More information at

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Fundació Kalilu Jammeh

We are an NGO of development aid, non-profit, independent and non-denominational, born in 2006. Our mission is to eradicate extreme poverty in The Gambia (West Africa), promoting a educational, social, health, agricultural and economic development . We work so that young people do not want to come to Europe, creating opportunities for work and development in origin.

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€ 1 for effective and real equality of rights

Denunciar és el primer pas per acabar amb el racisme. Per això, des de SOS Racisme Catalunya portem 30 anys fent-ho possible amb el Servei d'Atenció i Denúncia (SAID), un servei gratuït que assessora a persones i col·lectius que han patit delictes d'odi o discriminacions racistes. El seu objectiu és restituir els drets vulnerats i transformar lleis i polítiques racistes. Ajuda'ns perquè el SAID sigui un servei més independent, més transversal i més extès pel territori català!