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Freunde von Sevim

Wir sind noch eine sehr kleine Gruppe die Sevim Arkan in Bartin / Türkei , Tierschützerin mit Leib und Seele , mit Futter ,für die in ihrer Obhut stehenden 550 Tiere , unterstützt, Tierarztkosten.. Mittlerweile ist ein Hoher Schuldenberg beim Tierarzt abzubezahlen u. tägliche Futterkosten - Welpen müssen Babyfutter u. Impfungen bekommen damit sie eine Überlebungschance haben , die vielen kranken Tiere brauchen Medikamente, Operationen u.Spezialfutter WIR BRAUCHEN JEDEN € BITTE HELFT

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♥ Very big effect with only 1 € ♥

In 2013 „Fellnasenhilfe Villa Asli“ was foundend by Birgit a. Günter Gruno. From there on they consecrate theirself with heartblood and love their rescued animals. Villa Asli adopts sick, abused and abandoned animals which could not survive outside the shelter. Unloved souls nobody wants. At the moment 111 animals live at the shelter. Financial support is urgently needed (food, vet costs...) The money is always tight, EVERY Euro counts and benefits the animals. ♥ Many thanks from our hearts! ♥

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♥ Help with 1 €! ♥ 2gether4strays e.V.

2gether4strays e.V. is a small non-profit association that looks after a private shelter in Romania with 300 dogs. In addition to the monthly feed supply of almost 3 tons per month, this includes the veterinary care and the improvement of the living conditions of the animals and people in this shelter! Many drops make a sea and many individual Euros can help us to help the animals. Please support us with only 1, - € per month