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Immacolata Minieri


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Santuario Capra Libera Tutti

The Animal Sanctuary Capra Libera Tutti is a place where animals which are usually considered as products are saved from exploitation and slaughter and find refuge. About 300 animals live in complete freedom, here they are not considered neither ingredients nor products. For their maintenance, for medical care and for the preservation of the facilities, constant help is needed to ensure that this place can continue to exist and resist. The total costs exceed 250 euros per day.

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Rifugio "La fattoria di nonno Peppino"

In questo rifugio Vegano gli animali si riappropriano della loro vita scoprendo cosa significa essere liberi. Questa libertà non è una concessione straordinaria, ma è un diritto, quel diritto tanto violato ma fondamentale per l’esistenza di ogni essere vivente. Qui nessuno ha il terrore negli occhi aspettando una morte violenta, qui l’indifferenza non è contemplata, qui essere liberi è realtà.

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AnimaLiberAction is an anti-species association that fights for the freedom and rights of all animals of any species. Every month we organize charity events to help the structures that house animals rescued from imprisonment and human exploitation but also volunteering, street activism, demonstrations, awareness-raising actions, projects in schools, sticking of posters, etc. Help us to cover the expenses for the realization of these projects.

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Napoli Animal Save

Since 2018 we fight with targeted actions in front of the main places of animal suffering : slaughterhouses, zoos, circuses... We are a heterogeneous group of girls and boys who take equal rights values to the streets every day. Buy us a coffee, not every day, just once a month. Thank you The funds raised will cover the costs of material and travel that we need to create awareness events.

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Le Impronte Del Bosco - The Farm Sanctuary

Le Impronte Del Bosco ODV is a young non-profit, created to build projects aimed at protecting wildlife, farm animals and pets. Right now the hardest challenge is raising funds to look after the cow herd and the flock of goats and sheep we've been looking after on our own for months. The funds we raise will be used to pay for their daily sustainment and to organize a long-term Sanctuary project to protect them.