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Asociación Protectora de Animales de La Nucía

La Protectora de La Nucía es una organización de voluntarios donde intentamos curar y dar refugio a animales abandonados o maltratados y les buscamos un nuevo hogar. Necesitamos ayuda con los gastos veterinarios y para mejorar las instalaciones. / Het asiel van La Nucía samen met Sphoek, is een vrijwilligersorganisatie die gewonde, mishandelde of achtergelaten dieren helpt. We bieden ze onderdak, medische zorg en zoeken een nieuw thuis voor ze. Met uw hulp kunnen we dit bekostigen. Gracias!

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Molly, la burrita rescatada

Molly was rescued from a life in solitude. I was alone in a field, full of wounds and without affection. Once recovered, she needed the company of another donkey, so we adopted Donk, because he was also looking for a home with another donkey. It was love at first sight. Maintaining two donkeys is not cheap, so we could use some help. Thank you!!!

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Mol & Donk, a stubborn story

Molly used to live tied up near a river without a place to shelter from the burning Spanish sun or the terrible "gota fría" rains. Her legs were bloody of the wounds due to the fly bites. In the end the owner gave her to us and as we didn't find a good home for her, we decided to keep her. As donkeys need to live with other donkeys, we also adopted Donkay from a horse rescue center. We built a house for them and they are happy, but we could really use some financial help. Thanks!

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Happy Galgo

Happy Galgo is a pro animal rights support movement. Happy Galgo supports animal shelters and animal associations dedicated to the rescue and reinsertion of abandoned pets as well as pet owners with problems of undesirable behavior or other problems. We organize fundraising events, food collection, dog socialization trips, etc. "Happy Galgo" was chosen because if a galgo (greyhound), symbol of animal abuse in Spain, can be happy, other animals can also be happy.