Hope for Podencos

Hope for Podencos

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a charitable organization helping to rescue and rehabilitate Podencos from the cruelty that bestows them at the hands of the hunters in Spain . To neuter, blood test vaccinate etc ,provide veterinary care and a sanctuary for these dogs until they are able to be rehomed . There is no funding from the Spanish government all monies have to be raised by us to allow us to help these wonderful creatures , Once the pride of Spain now the great forgotten

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Project number No 2… New puppy kennels!

Hope For Podencos

This is our next new project, funds are raised and work had started but of course we are on hold just now due to Corona virus. In the winter here at the centre its very cold and in January the mercury drops to below zero for many weeks. These kennels will be fully insulated against the cold and the inside will have underfloor heating. The kennels will then provide shade when the hot months come - which we are looking forward to! Many thanks all! HFP Team xxx

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Andrea :)
Andrea :)

18/07/2019 16:27 h

Very brave and hardworking people! They need and deserve our help. Thanks a lot for let all those podencos have an opportunity.

Personas muy valientes y trabajadoras! Necesitan y merecen toda nuestra ayuda. Gracias por hacer posible que todos estos podencos tengan una oportunidad.

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