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Helping Kitten Paws

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We are a family that takes care of approximately 60 colony cats in the Torrevieja area in Spain. Colony cats are cats that don't live in a house, but who call a certain place outside their home. We feed these cats and provide medical care. The costs per week for just food is around 40 euros, adding the medical care this is too much for us to fund. We also rescue sick or abandoned kittens and take them in our home to provide care. Once they are ready, we find suitable homes for them.

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Stichting Helping Kitten Paws

Stichting Helping Kitten Paws: food for the kittens and colony cats

Stichting Helping Kitten Paws is a Dutch foundation that helps around 60 colony cats in the Torrevieja area in Spain and rescues kittens that are sick of wont survive on the street. As Summer is a very busy time and there are 15 kittens in the house right now, all money is desperately needed.

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Conny Speet

23/03/2019 19:19 h

I want to support the group with 1€ a month

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