ISLAND OF HOPE - Helping Animals Romania HAR

ISLAND OF HOPE - Helping Animals Romania HAR

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HAR is an NGO with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and a shelter with over 300 dogs and 50 cats. The vision of HAR is to reduce the multiplication of the undesirable animals through neutering/spaying actions. HAR aim is to find a stable home for stray dogs and cats and provide care for ill/disabled/abused animals. The mission of HAR is to contribute through all its actions in diminishing the number of abandanimals (dogs and cats), fact that has reached a worrying quota in RO

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Hilfe bei den monatlichen Kosten

Hunde und Katzen in unserer Station in Buftea

Wir haben sehr viele monatliche Fixkosten und hoffen mit diesem Projekt doch einige Leute dazu animieren zu koennen uns zu helfen, damit wir endlich wieder ruhig dem naechsten Monaten entgegensehen koennten und nicht immer Angst haben muessen, wie wir wieder alle Kosten begleichen koennen wie Miete des Gelaende / Loehner der Arbeiter / Tierarztkosten / Strom / Muellabfuhr/ Benzin und auch die Reparaturkosten fuer das Fahrzeug ... DANKE!

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gerlinde wimmer
gerlinde wimmer
Teaming Manager

26/05/2023 20:49 h

We need help or better our dogs / cats needs HELP!
Every day there are calls for help from people who find puppies/dogs somewhere that we should take in, including this disabled young dog: 20.05.2023
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-22 at 18.19.08.jpeg

Here are the 4 puppies on our railway premises: 20.05.2023

In this area there are also some dogs that we should castrate!

The placements are slow, the dogs are already sitting on top of each other... So please help us with the placements.
Maybe you know someone who is looking for a dog or a kitten... We have some!
Have a look, here you will find big, small, old and young:

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Julia Brunke
Julia Brunke

07/04/2017 23:35 h

eine wahrhaft gute Sache-1 euro kann wirklich so gut wie jeder entbehren!!!! Und HAR hilft es ein ganzes Stück weiter, je mehr Leute wir sind :-*

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