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Hayley Armour

Málaga, Spanien

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PATRULLA HERMANO GATO is a group created to HELP THE GREATLY FORGOTTEN: feral cats! We help cats from COLONIES in areas of AXARQUÍA (Malaga) carrying out CASTRATION, payment of veterinary expenses for injured / sick cats; food for COLONIES without resources

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Rescatados de mimi.

From a granite we can make a great mountain of sand. The proceeds are for the feeding of street colonies, their veterinary expenses ... and the mini shelter (room) that I have for kittens. Desparasito, testo, vacuno and chipo Can you give?

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Axarquia Animal Rescue

AXARQUIA ANIMAL RESCUE is a registered charity, run by volunteers and dedicated to saving lives and re-homing abandoned and abused animals. ALL donations go directly to help the animals in our care and are very much appreciated. AXARQUIA ANIMAL RESCUE, asociacion benefica registrada, somos voluntarios, y esta dedicada a salvar las vidas y buscar hogar a los animales abandonados y maltratados.TODAS las donaciones van directamente para ayudar a los animales bajo nuestro cuidado.Muchas gracias