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Gerrie Breekveldt


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Galgo Project

We, Galgo Project Foundation, support shelter Huellas Puertollano, a private foundation in Spain with only one mission, to find a new home for stray animals that have been left to their own devices. Help them and become a Teamer? Every month you donate 1 euro through Teaming and with this you support our work in Spain! Teaming is easy and reliable. Cancellation is possible monthly.

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Fundación Benjamín Mehnert

La Fondation Benjamin Mehnert est une organisation à but non lucratif qui se consacre à la défense d'animaux de compagnie qui souffrent de mauvais traitements ou de négligence. Nous concentrons notre travail principalement sur le sauvetage, le rétablissement et le déplacement des lévriers dans les foyers familiaux, leur offrant ainsi une nouvelle opportunité comme animaux de compagnie. Bien que nous nous consacrions principalement à la récupération des lévriers, actuellement dans notre refuge vivent plus de 700 animaux....

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Hondenopvang de Pannehoeve

We are a Dutch foundation who take care of the dogs van from Spain and Holland. In Spain we help the dogs from Cuenca, Albacete and the shelters of Asoka. We try to give them a new home. But we can't do it on our own. We need you with this. At the moment we have about 40 dogs who are looking for a new home. But they all need food and when its requierd they also have to go to a vet. So you understand, we need help. Please join our teaming. So we can all help together.

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Greyhoundfriends NL

Greyhoundfriends NL is an Dutch organization with years of experience with greyhounds and galgos. Our organization stands up for these beautiful dogs who have lived under miserable conditions and now stay in Spanish shelters from Scooby, PAWS & Baasgalgo. GreyhoundFriends fosters and arrange adoptions. Our special attention goes to the greyhounds, galgo's and podenco's who have been waiting a long time in shelters. We also offer help to the Dutch greyhounds in need.