Fundación Benjamín Mehnert

Fundación Benjamín Mehnert

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The Benjamín Mehnert Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the situation of pet animals that suffer abuse or neglect in our country, focusing mainly on the rescue, recovery and relocation of greyhounds in family homes, providing them a new opportunity as pets. Although mainly we are dedicated to the recovery of greyhounds, currently in our refuge live more than 700 animals...

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Help us to continue saving lives

Fundación Benjamín Mehnert

Yes, it is real, FBM is closing its doors until further notice. The economic situation of the last few months has been horrible: hundreds of dog entries that have exceeded the maximum allowed capacity, continuous emergencies and really serious cases that we have taken care of, a storm that has destroyed a large part of our facilities, added to the deterioration of the facilities themselves and that has put the safety of the animals and workers at risk several times, and of course, the considerable drop in the number of adoptions... This does not mean that we are closing the foundation, nor are we abandoning our work. FBM is still working but only for the animals we already have in our centre. If each of our supporters donated just €1, the reality would be quite different... But right now the reality is this: WE CANNOT CONTINUE SAVING LIVES.

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Webmaster Fundación Benjamín Mehnert
Webmaster Fundación Benjamín Mehnert
Teaming Manager

24/10/2023 10:03 h

Objetivo 4000
Queda algo mas de dos meses para que finalice el año, y tan solo faltan 175 personas para llegar a los 4000 teamers!
Eso significa, que cada mes, dispondremos de esa cantidad y que la podremos emplear en:
- Pagar 4 cirugias de traumatologia
- Esterilizar a mas de 65 perros.
- Vacunar a 260 perros
- Alimentar entre 500 animales durante un mes.
Parece facil, tan solo 175 personas entre los miles y miles que formamos esta comunidad, pero no podremos conseguirlo sin vuestro compromiso y ayuda.
Por favor, se trata de TAN SOLO 1€ al mes!!! 1€ que para ti no supone nada, y para nosotros marca una enorme diferencia para poder seguir salvando vidas...
Unete a nuestro teaming!

Goal 4000
There are just over two months left until the end of the year, and there are only 175 people left to reach the 4000 teamers!
That means, that every month, we will have that amount available and we will be able to spend it on:
- Paying for 4 trauma surgeries.
- Spay and neuter more than 65 dogs.
- Vaccinate 260 dogs
- Feed 500 animals for one month.
It seems easy, only 175 people among the thousands and thousands that make up this community, but we will not be able to achieve this without your commitment and help.
Please, it is ONLY 1€ per month!!!! 1€ that for you means nothing, but for us makes a huge difference to be able to continue saving lives...
Join our teaming!

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Alba Vizcaíno Sánchez

20/04/2024 19:24 h

Un granito de arena más... E intentando difundir vuestra labor para conseguir más Teamers!

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Marie-Claude Antoine

11/02/2024 13:48 h

J’aime les animaux et j’aimerais aider ces pauvres Galgos à trouver une issue de secours avec la fondation dont j’admire le travail .

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