Fuad Saou

Fuad Saou

Barcelona, Spanien

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Este grupo lo formamos aquellos simpatizantes y amigos del Centro Euro Árabe de Cataluña. Nuestro objetivo es contribuir de manera simbólica con 1€ al mes para que el centro pueda disponer de un fondo económico alternativo y así contribuir a que pueda afrontar sus objetivos fundacionales. www.centre-euroarab.cat/

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XAMFRÀ: Music and performance for social inclusion

An educational and artistic initiative for social inclusion. Xamfrà is a social and educational project that uses music and the performing arts to promote social inclusion in a very multicultural community. We work with people in vulnerable situations and at risk of social exclusion. Currently, 300 children and young people from 24 different countries are participating in our activities. Visit our project at www.xamfra.net