Friends Canil Portimao

Friends Canil Portimao

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Friends Canil Portimao exists 13 years now and is connected to the canil municipal in Portimao to take care and find homes for the dogs and cats in the Algarve and abroad ( ca 350 dogs and 100 cats yearly). We provide food, medical care, vet's visits, surgeries, anti tick and deworming every month and very important.... the sterilizations. All this we have to pay from donations. Also we organize charity events like charity lunches and auctions on internet. Help us help the animals!!

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friends canilportimao
friends canilportimao
Teaming Manager

30/03/2024 21:48 h

For the pups of Friends Canil Portimao we have a special place Puppyland in Lagoa. The pups have a better place here but still a lot of things have to be realized!!! In the garden we need sort of sand (now a lot of mud when its raining)!

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Cheryl Hudson

08/03/2024 17:02 h

We rescued our GSD just over a year ago and it was the beat thing we ever did. The team at the Canil gives so much to the animals but the need support. If i was closer I would be there more often. Thankyou for all you do

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