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associazione animalisti attivi onlus - catanzaro

Livia is a vet and the last and usually the only chance for paralyzed and sick cats in Italy to avoid being terminated. When she gets notice of a sick cat, she organizes the transfer in her clinic and provides medical assistance, food and shelter to grant them confort and love. She operates almost alone in a difficult region where the institutions provide little or no help. She takes care of paralyzed, incontinent and blind cats and we need your help for these cats and for the others to come!

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Teamer seit:  06/04/2021

Agripunk - Antispecist Social Shelter

We are a group born with the aim of closing an intensive turkey farm. After we succeeded, we mobilized to prevent it from reopening. To transform homes, warehouses and 26 hectares of forest and meadows in shelters for human and non-human animals, without any distinction. Thus was born Agripunk, a social refuge for animals of any species. Agripunk onlus is the association for the protection of nature and the environment that self-manages the shelter, the initiatives and the various activities.

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Una Zampa per la Spagna

Con la nostra associazione salviamo la vita a cani e gatti destinati a morire in modo atroce nelle perreras spagnole. Sono centinaia ogni giorno le mattanze..nei modi più crudeli possibili..e a volte non riusciamo ad arrivare in tempo..siamo in difficoltà e ad un passo dal chiudere. Per Una Zampa per la Spagna ogni vita ha lo stesso, identico, immenso valore..e se un animale maltrattato ha bisogno del nostro aiuto..non ci importa da dove viene..Noi ci saremo.

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Associazione Vivi gli Animali Onlus

The Vivi gli Animali association was established in 2010 with the aim of working in favor of cows, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, geese, bulls, saved from slaughterhouses. Here we save them, take care of them, leave them free to be and not become objects. The refuge is an opportunity to find out who they are, what they feel, how to finally play free to not be afraid anymore. Help us to help them! Contribute to their maintenance to allow us to save many others!

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Save the Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are in danger due to human activities.In southern Italy,in Brancaleone,there is a rescue center where few and tireless volunteers,without funds,are rescuing the turtles victims of fishing (bycatch) and plastic pollution,since to 2006,to release them into the sea as soon as they are healed. By supporting our project with 1euro per month, you will contribute to the purchase of medicines, food and new recovery tanks.You will also support our environmental education programs for schools.