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Associazione Anima Randagia Calabria

"Anima Randagia" was created to protect animals and promote awareness campaigns in Calabria.   The Association hopes to realize its dream: CREATE A TRUE DOG'S OASIS TO GIVE RECEPTION, CURE, TRANQUILITY AND DIGNITY to all those creatures that have known only the beast part of men. "The chain dog sniffs the world as far as the chain arrives, the stray as far as the moon reaches." (Mazzotti) We will try to give everyone the chance to reach the Moon

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associazione animalisti attivi onlus - catanzaro

Livia is a vet and the last and usually the only chance for paralyzed and sick cats in Italy to avoid being terminated. When she gets notice of a sick cat, she organizes the transfer in her clinic and provides medical assistance, food and shelter to grant them confort and love. She operates almost alone in a difficult region where the institutions provide little or no help. She takes care of paralyzed, incontinent and blind cats and we need your help for these cats and for the others to come!

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Lega del Cane Soverato

La LNDC Sezione di Soverato si adopera sul territorio calabrese da oltre 20 anni. Io, Serena e Giuseppe ci occupiamo del nostro rifugio sito in Soverato eaccogliamo tante Anime sfortunate che incrociano il nostro Cammino, restituendogli dignità e spesso e volentieri trovandogli casa. La nostra è una missione per i nostri amici a 4 zampe ❤️ . Per chi volesse seguirmi sui social FB Serena Voci legadelcanesoverato