FOS Thassos The Gingerbread Sanctuary

FOS Thassos The Gingerbread Sanctuary

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On the Greek island of THASSOS is a shelter, where two people live with 200+ dogs and some horses. By donating 1 Euro each month you can support them and contribute towards vet bills, materials for fence repairs etc. Suzanne has run the shelter she called the Gingerbread Sancuary, the registered charity FOS Thassos, for over 20 years. Stefan joined her in 2018. They both live with the animals 24/7 all year round.

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FOS Thassos - Food for our Gingerbread Sanctuary

FOS Thassos

Food Food Food - the shelter on the Greek island houses over 200 dogs and 5 horses. You can imagine, getting enough food for all these animals is an ongoing story... Without your donations we could not survive. Thank you!

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FOS Thassos Gingerbread Sanctuary
FOS Thassos Gingerbread Sanctuary
Teaming Manager

14/08/2021 20:37 h

Auf der griechischen Insel THASSOS befindet sich das Gingerbread Tierheim. Suzanne und Stefan leben dort autark in den Bergen mit 160+ Hunden und einiger Pferden. Je mehr Leute unter Euch monatlich €1 spenden, desto mehr können wir erreichen. Medizinische Versorgung, Reparaturen von Zäunen und Hütten, die List ist lang denn im Tierheim gibt es immer etwas zu tun. Ladet auch gerne Eure Freunde ein. Danke.

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