TFC House of Hope

Teamers: 2

Recaudación: 23€

Actualización de cómo va la causa
Natasha Houston
Natasha Houston, Teaming Manager, el 27/11/2020  a las 17:38h

We currently have a couple of guests with us. These guys have become part of a family community here at the HOUSE of HOPE. We are starting to see real breakthrough here. The house has been prepared to start taking it's guests and fullfilling it's purpose to see lives changed. The work done to the house will be continuous as it was a very big project, continually improving the place in order to further see Gods Kingdom come.
The generosity of donations of materials and furniture has been amazing, and we thank all those who support this work. Now we need to sustain not just the house but also it's guests. Please continue to give generously to the work of the Lord so we can make a difference and see the guys fully restored into all they can be.

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