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Sarah Cullen
Sarah Cullen, Teaming Manager, el 03/06/2020  a las 12:38h

As some of you might have already heard, May was a sad month at SOS when we had to say goodbye to Campo & Ronnie <3.

Campo was our longest-term resident & was out only dog to have lived at all SOS sites. He was 14 years old & had lived a long & happy life as an SOS dog but some inoperable tumours meant that we knew his time with us was coming to an end & it was the kindest thing that we could do. He was not suffering & we did not want it to get to that stage.

Campo's best friend Ronnie suddenly became poorly & was off his food & listless. At first we though it was grief at losing his friend but a trip to the vet & extensive tests told us otherwise. Ronnie had a large internal mass & there was nothing that could be done. He joined his friend Campo at the rainbow bridge.

SOS is not the same without Campo & little Ronnie. These last few weeks have been really tough for Gill who works so tirelessly to keep the shelter running & to take such good care of the SOS dogs. Please take a moment to say thank you to Gill & to show your support during these difficult times. xx

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