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Sarah Cullen
Sarah Cullen, Teaming Manager, el 02/05/2020  a las 10:47h

Please accept my apologies for not having posted any updates for a long time. These are incredibly challenging times that we are living through at the moment and decided to stay away from social media as much as possible. Gill continues to do an amazing job at the shelter and the dogs are as well cared for as ever. I hope you will join me in giving Gill a huge virtual hug and a big thank you for all that she does (and to her volunteer who is there working with Gill). Thank you so much for your continued support during this time - I know it is not easy and most of us are also suffering the impact of a loss of earnings on top of the ongoing worry about keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. Thank you once again for your support - it really does make a huge difference. Much love to you all & a huge thank you to Gill xxx

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