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Mattia Emma
Mattia Emma, Teaming Manager, el 26/02/2021  a las 11:13h

Dear all,
we are making great progresses thanks to all your donations. We started sustaining three girls two years ago, in Maralal, Kenya. Today we are sustaining over 20 in kenya and just started with 2 in Tanzania.
It is with great joy that i announce to you that we are planning to help more students coming from Kakuma refugee camp at the border between Kenya and South Sudan. Your steady contribution is making that possible.
Please continue helping us and reaching out to as many people as possible.

Un saluto a tutti voi,
Grazie mille per il vostro impegno e aiuto negli ultimi due anni. Siamo passati dal sostenere tre ragazze a poterne mandare a scuola più di 20 in kenya e due in tanzania. A breve inizieremo un progetto per portare a scuola ragazze provenienti dal camp profughi di Kakuma al confine fra kenya e sud sudan.
Grazie mille per il vostro contributo e continuiamo a spargere la voce!!

Danke sehr an alle,
dank euch sind wir in den letzen 2 jahren sehr gewachsen. Wir haben mit der sponsorisierung von drei Mädchen in Maralal angefangen und haben es mittlerweile geschafft 20 Mädchen in die Schule zu bringen und 2 in Tanzania. Danke sehr für eure stätige hilfe und engagement.
Wir hoffen dass wir immer mehr werden um immer mehr helfen zu können.

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