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Nick Moore
Nick Moore, Teaming Manager, el 22/08/2014  a las 17:59h

IN ENGLISH.....I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributes their one euro a month via TEAMING to help the animals in ASOKA/CPA Orihuela. It was originally planned to help the cats as well, but they need so much less than the dogs so this campaign has become raising funds for the dogs.
Each month your contribution goes towards buying collars, treats and bug spray. That is what I need to buy each month. It really helps the staff and volunteers if the dogs have collars. Most arrive without one. And this time of year the ticks are everywhere!
Please share the campaign with family and friends. If each of us could encourage two people to join that would be amazing. Convince people that it is 100% safe to give your bank details. Some people are scared of that. At the moment we raise 25 euros a month….it could be so much more…please spread the word. Ask people to help!
Thank you!

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