Big V Sanctuary

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Actualización de cómo va la causa
Miranda Elliott, Teaming Manager, el 14/04/2020  a las 10:43h

Duchess is still undergoing medication for cancer. She has shown a small sign of improvement, we are trying to remain level headed and not get our hopes up. She is not particularly fond of us coming and prodding and poking her everyday, but she is doing her best to ignore us.
Because the cancer is in her eye, we have to keep her in the barn for the forseable future, as sunlight will exacerbate the problem. So that she doesn't stress too much, the other cows have been kept inside with her. This means our straw and hay remain at wintertime needs and costs.
Can you help us to support our cows being inside? Are you in the position to sponsor one of them? No amount is too little, we really are desperate. The hording case has turned into a financial nightmare. The extra costs of keeping our herds inside are frightening, and of course we didn't know Duchess was going to get cancer. Nor were we able to predict what would happen with the outbreak. All of our cows are in need of sponsors. Duchess, Princess, Rupert, Dick and Jack. Please, please get in touch.

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