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monika maas, Teaming Manager, el 01/08/2021  a las 07:53h

Este es un mensage directamente del director y fundador de Bodhi Tree School, enviado el 30.07.2021 (si alguien tiene problemas con el ingles, mandarme un mensaje y lo traduzco

This is a message directly from the founder and director of Bodhi Tree School, sent on 30.07.2021

Das ist eine Nachricht direkt von dem Direktor und Gründer von Bodhi Tree School, geschickt am 30.07.2021 (wer Probleme mit Englisch hat, bitte Nachricht schicken und ich übersetze das)

Dear Friends and Families
Greetings from India
Hope you all are in the best of your health and spirits .we are still experiencing profoundly intense times .The schools in India are still closed but Bodhi Tree School is offering classes for secondary level students .The children with mental health challenges are receiving all supports like medicines .supply of ration, detergents and other essential commodities .We have ensured vaccination for all staff members ,parents and others at school .With effort, we have made sure that all 18 plus people in over dozens of villages around our school are vaccinated .We are currently working hard to engage children and parents in plantation in collaboration with the department of climate change of the govt .We have encouraged the villages and succeeded in having over 2000 plantation .As updated before ,we are growing some organic vegetables at school .In another effort, we are preparing field to have rice planting .
As India has alert of third wave of Covid, we are trying our level best to keep our children safe. We are making sure that they have masks and other essential commodities.
The girls are also getting sanitary pads during periods.
The special children are going through assessment and evaluation. In the meantime, we are offering medical care for children having fever or other health complications.
The special children are coming to school and we are offering them more fruits and vegetables because many of them have lost weight.
We are going to open all classes from Monday next week.
We are currently having Monsoons and huge rains and unfortunately low intensity cyclones quite often. The Bihar Region of northern India is also experiencing climate change .
We are incredibly grateful for love and supports we do receive from all of you. You all are in our thoughts and prayers
Sincerest Regards and Humble appreciation from one and all at Bodhi Tree Family
Dhirendra Sharma

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