Eva Murcia Navarro

Eva Murcia Navarro

Alicante, Espanha

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Desde tiempos inmemorables los gatos son los grandes desconocidos, en CES GATOS ELCHE, un grupo de voluntarios nos ocupamos de controlar colonias callejeras, para que así sin modificar su estilo de vida, puedan se atendidos y tener una vida digna. Castramos, alimentamos, medicamos y sacamos de la calle a los que son caseros y abandonados buscándoles un hogar donde sean queridos y respetados. Solo en alimentación ya gastamos unos 200 euros al mes.

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Open Arms

We are Open Arms, lifeguards who, in the absence of action by the governments, decided to act in Lesbos, using our personal funds, with no other means than our arms and fins. With no fear other than that more people would die at sea. Now we want to go further. They needed us in Lesbos and so we went, with the help of many people like you. Now they also need us in the Mediterranean Sea. Can you help us?

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Ballona Matata

BALLOONA MATATA (Aid for refugees) It is a community of independent non-profit activists who, through art and education, carry out various actions for the right to refugee. Currently active on the Turkey-Syria border. They do not receive any type of public aid or subsidy. With your micro contribution of € 1 a month you can collaborate directly to make this possible. 100% of donations go directly to projects. Your help is essential. Thank you.