Eva Molina

Girona, Spain

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Contributes every month: 4€ to 4 Groups

Since 17-11-2015 has contributed 9€

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Teamer since:  13/01/2016

Fundación Santuario Gaia

Gaia Sanctuary Foundation is a vegan rescue and recovery center for animals considered as farm, where those who have been exploited, mistreated or abandoned, receive the necessary care to have a decent life for the rest of their lives.   Located in Camprodon (Girona) in the Pyrenees, surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains.   You could meet the inhabitants of the Sanctuary here: http://www.fundacionsantuariogaia.org/population/

59,933€ Raised

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Teamer since:  15/07/2020

Wild animal Sanctuary "Reserva Wild Forest"

We are a wild animal Sanctuary and rescue center.

35,570€ Raised

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Teamer since:  15/07/2020

MONA: Help MONA feeding me

In MONA Foundation, abused chimpanzees and macaques are recovering from their previous lives as circus artists, television actors, and even pets.MONA gives them a second chance at a life free of pain and abuse. We strive to give them the type of life they should have had in the wild, giving them back their dignity they so much deserve. Would you like to contribute to their welfare? With just 1 euro a month you can give them a healthy and balanced diet! www.fundaciomona.org / www.mona-uk.org

3,503€ Raised

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Teamer since:  16/07/2020

Huellas accitanas

Huellas Accitanas, es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que se dedica a salvar la vida de los sin voz, de esos animales que por culpa de los humanos se ven en unas condiciones pésimas y necesitan nuestra ayuda. Necesitamos apoyo económico para llevar a cabo esta labor y ayudar a cuanto más animales mejor