Eva Gómez de Lázaro Gutsens

Eva Gómez de Lázaro Gutsens

Barcelona, Spain

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Community Can Terrassa

Som una associació sense ànim de lucre de Terrassa, que estimem els animals. Ajudem a protectores i altres associacions amb donatius de pinso i mantes, difonem adopcions responsables dels gats i gossos que ens arriben abandonats, els esterilitzem i vacunem. Agraïm de tot cor la vostre donació.

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Asociación protectora de animales. Con nuestras ganas y tu colaboración, podemos llegar más lejos.

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Teamer since:  10/05/2020

FOUNDATION HOPE & HELP: NO to the solitude of the people.

Social and non-profit organization that works to avoid the unwanted loneliness of people, whether they are elderly or with mental health problems. It fosters inclusion and social relations through the Inclusive Volunteering and support programs, which provide support to the elderly who live alone with their pet, with a formula of action in which everyone wins, people and children. animals, mutually benefiting from the wonderful bond that exists between them.