Esterilización Solidaria Animal

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ESA - Esterilización Solidaria Animal

Non-profit association that, through castration, fights to avoid the overpopulation of stray and abandoned animals. Help us avoid so many helpless litters.

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ESA - Esterilización Solidaria Animal 2

Second teaming of the non-profit association Esterilización Solidaria Animal (ESA). For those who want to donate a second euro a month to help reduce the overpopulation of stray and abandoned animals.

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ESA - Esterilización Solidaria Animal - JAULAS

This ESA group is destined to raise funds to provide capture methods to associations or private managers that need it to continue sterilizing feline colonies: especially trap cages, but also other possible tools such as fishnets, nets... Every time there is money for a cage, people will be choosing its destination by order of registration to this group.