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APAMAG (Help for Abandoned Dogs in Madrid-Guadalajara)

The Association "Help to Abandoned Dogs Madrid-Guadalajara" (APAMaG) is a non-profit organization that is mainly dedicated to looking for responsible adoptions to dogs and cats rescued from kennels or directly from the street. APAMaG has no shelter, it works thanks to shelters. All proceeds are for the exclusive use of living expenses, veterinarians or dog residences once rescued. For more information visit our website (

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ONG sin ánimo de lucro con un objetivo: luchar contra el abandono y el maltrato animal y encontrar una familia responsable a perros abandonados. Luchamos contra el maltrato y el abandono, abogamos por la esterilización para evitar camadas no deseadas y reivindicamos los derechos de los animales.