Emilia Ruiz Martínez

Emilia Ruiz Martínez

Madrid, Espanya

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Open Arms

L'emergència continua i el Mediterrani no s'atura. L'Open Arms torna a navegar per seguir protegint les vides dels més vulnerables; reafirmant el nostre compromís després d'una de les missions més complexes i doloroses fins al moment. Només de la mà podem salvar-los. Ajuda'ns a seguir.

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Móstoles Sin Fronteras

Móstoles sin Fronteras nació en 2016 como asociación sin ánimo de lucro. Está formada por vecinos y vecinas de Móstoles que, de manera totalmente voluntaria, unen sus esfuerzos en pro de los derechos humanos de las personas migrantes refugiadas.

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Spanish not - for - profit charity: net coordinating groups and volunteers.Humanitarian aid to refugees coming from armed conflicts (Syria, Irak, Afganistan, Nigeria etc).We collect humanitarian aid and send it to Greece. We help refugees, living on the streets, camps and abandoned buildings. First urgent aid,,warehouse Athens, food for 6000 refugees , basic personal toiletries, legal advice, med,etc.). Awareness activities..We provide food for hot meals on the street

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Amigos de Ritsona

We are an association with a great challenge: to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of refugees. We operate mainly in Athens and in the refugee camp of Ritsona (Greece). More information on our website: www.ayuda-refugiados.org/

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It is a rescue project in the Mediterranean activated by SMH (Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario) with the aim of defending life and human rights. Our main tool is the ship Aita Mari, with which we help people who go to sea in search of refuge and peace. About 16,000 euros is the amount it costs us to fill the boat's fuel tanks. Help us get to them and rescue them. Every month you will know that that euro, is helping to save lives.