Elvira García Aguirre

Baleares (Illes), Spagna

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Gaticos y perretes Mallorca

Gaticos y perretes ayuda a animales promoviendo el veganismo, difundiendo casos de Mallorca y castrando, curando y alimentando gatos callejeros principalmente. Puedes seguirnos en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaticosyperretesmallorca

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Colónia Hipódromo

We are trying to help feral cats, is for this reason we need yor help. We are not an association.

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Teamer da:  06/12/2014

Miaus Mallorca

Desde Miaus Mallorca nos dedicamos a castrar, alimentar, desparasitar y vacunar a unos 70 gatos que forman 3 colonias. Les rescatamos, llevamos al veterinario y buscamos un hogar. También rescatamos gatos en situación de abandono, que se encuentran perdidos o heridos. Para ello es muy importante las casas de acogida y vuestra ayuda claro Gracias!!

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Teamer da:  20/01/2020

Los gatitos nos necesitan

I dedicated my time to spay and neuter, I take care of emergencies, I am in charge of an allergic cat that needs sand and special foods, two cats of 6 years old both with calicivirus, three cats with AIDS, one of them with 10 years old and with a stroke, I need help to attend and to cover the expenses of the refugees, bills, food, castrations apart they ask me for help of several different colonies that need food.

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Bastet&Artemisa Vegan shelter

With a lot of animal abandonments per year on our island, action is required. Looking the other way, feeling sorry or wondering does not change reality, so we are a small group of people with one thing in common: animal rescue and subsequent recovery and adoption or shelter/Sanctuary, a second chance for all animals. Vegan ethics.