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Valencia, Espagne

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Animal Shelter SVPAP

We help and keep safe around 150 animals (dogs and cats), whom were victims of abandonment and/or abuse. We provide them with shelter, food, veterinary care and lots, lots of love; we are their temporary family and home. We are a non-profit entity and, to be able to keep running all this, we need all the help we could get, ¡every grain of sand counts! https://svpap.org https://m.facebook.com/svpap/ https://instagram.com/svpapoficial?igshid=6iya8je549jk

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Adóptame Valencia

Asociación destinada a promover las adopciones en Valencia, además de salvar todas las vidas posibles que nos necesiten. Sigue nuestro trabajo a traves de Facebook e Instagram y ayudarnos a seguir salvando vidas.