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El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation

When you rescue abused animals, you must provide a safe area where no one can harm them again, a shelter that protects them from the cold, rain and sun. Build pipes so they can drink clean water and an electrical installation in case you have to take care of them at night, or keep them warm. To get THE safe HOME that these almost 300 animals need, we only have our hands and your donations. Your monthly euro can help us achieve this.

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Veterinary expenses El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation

The El Hogar Foundation was the first sanctuary in Spain and many of the animals that arrived as babies are now grandparents. This means that individual palliative care for animals with different abilities is one of our hallmarks. If you also believe that grandparents of all species have the right to age with dignity, and need more care and pampering, this is your Home. With just one euro you can help us take care of them. Thank you very much.