Elena de Luis García

Elena de Luis García

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AMBIENS is an association specializing in environmental education. We are a small association of the Valencian Community. We participate in the custody of the territory in Soneja and the Palancia River. We carry out projects and environmental awareness campaigns with the problem of plastic waste. We also make workshops on education, courses and volunteering as part of the educational and environmental work. Participate with us in the improvement of the marine environment.

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MODEPRAN. Protectora de Animales de Valencia

Somos una protectora de animales que vela por el bienestar de los mismos. Actualmente tenemos a nuestro cuidado más de 600 animales que necesitan la ayuda de todos vosotros. Ayudadnos a darles calidad de vida y a encontrarles un buen hogar para ellos.Muchas gracias por tu colaboración.

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Animal Shelter SVPAP

We help and keep safe around 150 animals (dogs and cats), whom were victims of abandonment and/or abuse. We provide them with shelter, food, veterinary care and lots, lots of love; we are their temporary family and home. We are a non-profit entity and, to be able to keep running all this, we need all the help we could get, ¡every grain of sand counts! https://svpap.org https://m.facebook.com/svpap/ https://instagram.com/svpapoficial?igshid=6iya8je549jk