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Child Malnutrition Treatment Unit Shashemane Hospital (Ethiopia)

The treatment units against child malnutrition of the Shashemane Public Hospital and the Ropi Community Health Center are overwhelmed, the war in the country, the economic effects of Covid, permanent droughts, means that every day up to 5 children are treated with malnutrition They do not have medications, or special milk or porridge, many times they have to shorten the treatments to attend to all the children A Euro saves lives, we assure you

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La Lucha de Abril

Abril is a 7-year-old girl diagnosed with SPG52, with only 50 diagnoses in the world. SPG52 is an ultra-rare disease that causes very serious symptoms such as severe intellectual disability, epileptic seizures and very rapid muscle degradation in the lower body. Abril started walking when she was 3 years old and now at 7 she can hardly move anymore.

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Asociación Peluditos de Son Reus

Somos una asociación sin ánimo de lucro dedicada a ayudar a rescatar peludos del CSMPA Son Reus. Esta cuenta nos ayuda a sufragar gastos de salida de la perrera del animal, gastos veterinarios posteriores, contribuciones a otras asociaciones animalistas, Etc. Por 1 euro al mes puedes aportar tu granito de arena a esta causa y te lo agradecemos de todo corazón!.

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Animal rescue Espagne

Nous secourons des animaux maltraités et abandonnés. Nous pouvons le faire grâce au soutien et aux dons de vous tous. 1€ par mois et le rêve des animaux maltraités se réalisera.