Doggybagcrew animal shelter -Greece

Doggybagcrew animal shelter -Greece

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Doggybagcrew è un'organizzazione non profit, di origine belga, con gli obbiettivi di proteggere gli animali di tutte le specie e a difendere i loro diritti in Grecia. Doggybagcrew si dedica alla realizzazione di diversi tipi di azioni quali: *Assistenza di persona ad animali maltrattati, abbandonati o in difficoltà. *Aiuto agli animali che soffrono di abusi fisici o psicologici. *Copertura delle spese veterinarie di altri gruppi. *Costruzione di un rifugio per accogliere animali.

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Fixing the road of the shelter.


Hello, Today, we want to thank the teamers who support us in building a safe loving space for animals who need it. The project is progressing well. The fence of the half of the land is finally placed and we start the work which concerns placing the entrance gate and the emergency exit in case of fire. The installation of the fence costs us 30,000 euros and the doors will cost us 1700 euros. Winter is coming, and if we want to continue the work despite the rain, we must build a part of the road that leads to the field so as not to stay stuck with the vehicles. This project costs another 450 euros and this is where your donations made via teaming will be used. The project is at its beginning, the fees are only added and our bank accounts are emptied gradually. Your help is extremely valuable and we thank you! All together for a better world!

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niko triantafyllou
niko triantafyllou
Teaming Manager

22/07/2023 15:05 h

By donating to Doggybagcrew you are helping us create a safe place for the animals in Greece.
In June of 2023, a contractor with workers started working at the field to put up a 700 meters fence, which will be ready by the end of August. In July ’23 we welcomed the first volunteers and we started setting up the place. There is no electricity or water at the moment. We are building two dry toilets, one tank-shower of 1000 liters of water, an outdoor kitchen, and places for shadows.
The land was burnt 3 years ago and there are not many trees left to offer sun protection.
For the moment, we bring water by van in tanks and we have electricity from a generator.
The volunteers are able to live in tents or vans and we are planning to buy a trailer so we can stay on the land to welcome the first animals.

Thank you all for your support!

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Martine Martine

25/04/2023 17:55 h

Je suis heureuse d'apporter mon petit caillou à l'édifice, au nom des animaux, pour que l'humain ouvre son coeur. Bravo

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