Help for our Different Dogs and Cats

Help for our Different Dogs and Cats

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Il y a beaucoup de chiens blessés dans la circulation autour d'Agadir, et souvent les blessures ne sont traitées que trop tard. Nous avons beaucoup de chiens à 3 pattes ou paralysés dans nos refuges. Ces chiens s'adaptent très bien à leur situation et font partie de nos chiens les plus heureux. Mais il y a des coûts supplémentaires pour s'occuper d'eux, pas seulement lorsqu'ils arrivent et ont besoin de soins médicaux. Nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour leur faciliter la vie à tous.

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SARA's Different Dogs and Cats

Dogs and Cats in the Refuge with permanent injury

There are many animals injured in the traffic around Agadir, and often the injuries are not treated until too late. We have a lot of 3 legged or paralyzed dogs and cats in our refuges. These animals adapt really well to their situation and are some of our happiest dogs. But there are additional costs in looking after them, not just when they arrive and need medical care. We need your support to make life easier for them all.

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Hazel Skeet
Hazel Skeet
Teaming Manager

24/08/2021 08:31 h

Hallo Teamers

Teaming recently tightened up on how they ensure that donations made are sent to the project. I am no longer able to have the donations sent to my personal bank account and then forwarded to the refuge but have to have them sent to the bank account of a recognised charity.

We have just set up a UK Registered charity called Morocco Animal Welfare Support Souss to provide support in fundraising and governance to Moroccan registered charities. You can see more a bit more about it at From now on all funds collected through Teaming will be transferred to Le Coeur sur la Patte and Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir via MAWSS.

Thank you for your support

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