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Kittens In Distress Charity - Alicante, Spain

PLEASE DONATE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR JUST 1 EURO PER MONTH We are a registered charity, which helps cats and kittens find loving homes; giving them medical treatment, vaccinations and also neutering as many strays as possible so there will be less abandoned or killed in the future. The charity uses a personal bank account to collect donations. We rely solely on the generosity of the public to make this happen. We don't receive any funding from the local Government. PLEASE JOIN US!!

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A.D.E. Asociación Defensa Équidos.

Horse shelter since 2001, working with horses and farm animals, ADE has 2 centers dedicated to recover and adopt animals to continue our rescue task. If you like animals and wants a really NGO who works for they, we are your project.

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La casa de Lilie

We do everything we can to save abused, abandoned or street animals. But all this is expensive, veterinarians, care, treatments, hospitalizations, special diets. That’s why we need your help, so that we can continue to fight for all these helpless animals. Thank you all!

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Voluntarios Itinerantes

Voluntarios Itinerantes was created with the aim of supporting shelters that lack sufficient resources to care for the animals they house, providing them with volunteers, financial resources and technical advice. Because despite the magnitude of the problem, we know that there are many more people who want the welfare of animals than those who abandon them. If you are reading this, I'm sure you think so too. Join us and help us to help!

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A.S.P.A Mas que perros


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Santuario BuenaVida

Años salvando animales del maltrato y explotación, les damos hogar y son parte de nuestra familia, luchando cada día por qué crezcan y tengan una vida sana y feliz, una buena vida.

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Segundas Oportunidades

Esta asociación sin animo de lucro ha sido creada por y para ayudar a aquellos animales que fueron abandonados, rescatados, maltratados, camadas indeseadas abandonadas o de personas que nos solicitan ayuda para dar a animales con los papeles reglamentarios, todo lo hacemos para que estos animales tengan su segunda oportunidad para vivir.

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Birds of Cádiz

Somos un grupo de voluntari@s particulares. El dinero recaudado ira destinado para nuestros rescates, alimento vivo (sobre todo para la época de cría) para aves autóctonas en apuros, que criamos para su posterior liberación, y para gastos veterinarios que podrian surgir de aves rescatadas.Asi como pueden ser otros gastos tales como: transporte, alimento, acogida temporal o indefinida de aves no liberables o domésticas abandonadas y/o heridas....etc