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Infogai, the magazine of the #LGTBI movement

The '17 of May' association edits the magazine Infogai. It is the oldest #magazine on #LGTBI+ issues in #Catalonia and of the Spanish State. In these 40 years, infogai has turned into a referent of the movement #LGBTI and it counts on the voluntary colaboration of professionals, entities and people, all of which rellevant to the #LGTBI movement. Please, chip in and help us keep its edition on paper, and you will receive a copy of each new issue.

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Teamer seit:  31/01/2018

Por el desarrollo de los Bancos de Tiempo

Los Bancos de Tiempo son proyectos locales de ayuda mutua entre vecinos. Desde la Asociación para el Desarrollo de los Bancos de Tiempo (ADBdT) creemos en la capacidad de los Bancos de Tiempo para promover cambios positivos en la sociedad. Por eso trabajamos de manera voluntaria para hacer que los Bancos de Tiempo funcionen cada día mejor. Conviértete en cofinanciador de la ADBdT y ayúdanos a que cada vez más personas colaboren con sus vecinos!

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Teamer seit:  25/07/2018

Amigos del Teniente Segura

Apoyamos al Teniente Luis Gonzalo Segura en su lucha contra la corrupción en las Fuerzas Armadas y queremos ayudarlo económicamente, para que pueda pagar las deudas contraídas por los gastos jurídicos, y la creación de proyectos que den a conocer lo que sucede en las FAS.

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Teamer seit:  11/07/2019


At ACATHI we offer a real welcome, based on the specific needs of LGBTIQ+ migrants and refugees. We are an association with diverse identities that form the essence of a welcoming vision. That becomes a strategy to promote the recognition and inclusion of cultural, sexual and gender diversity, with the aim of preventing and alleviating discrimination and persecution. Many people flee because of who they are and because they love, let us help to welcome them.

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Som la llar provisional de tots aquells gossos que són abandonats al municipi de Cervera. Els cuidem, els alimentem i els hi donem tot l'afecte que podem, mentrestant intentem trobar per a ells una llar definitiva amb uns bons adoptants que els considerin un membre més de la família. Els costos són alts i necessitem la vostra col·laboració per a poder cobrir les despeses veterinàries, els medicaments, el manteniment de les instal·lacions, etc. Tot ajuda! i només 1€ al mes marca la diferència

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Teamer seit:  15/12/2019

Nati García Association

Recovered addicts help addicts at risk of exclusion We manage funds by offering adequate resources to addicts in distress We value each case to cover the costs of the treatment until the person is responsible for them We offer talks and conferences on prevention and information, with recovered addicts offering our testimony on the use of drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviors Donating € 1 / month helps sick people start a new life

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Free play for the children in the Wad-Ras prison

"Links in Wad-Ras" is a project that wants to guarantee the right to play for children between 0 and 3 years old who live with their mothers in the women's prison in Barcelona. We want to co-participate that these children have access to a life as normal as possible through monthly sessions of free play within the center, carrying a thoughtful, careful, prepared facility and attentive to the needs of play and free movement of this stage.