Cristina Rubio rivas

Cristina Rubio rivas

Barcelona, Spain

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Help Fran!

Fran is 32 years old. He has Friedrich's Ataxia, a neurodegenerative disease. Despite this, he wants to live a fulfilling life and he's always studying the subjects he is passionate about: Philology and Literature. Currently he lives in Madrid and is on the waiting list to enter a residence that would be very suitable for him. But until that moment, he has to pay for his own means the residence where he currently lives in, temporarily. Together we can help him.

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Bubisher, bibliotecas para el Sáhara

La Asociación Escritores por el Sáhara-Bubisher trabaja desde el 2008 en los campamentos de refugiados saharauis (Tindouf-Argelia). Nuestra tarea se centra en la creación y puesta en marcha de Bibliotecas y Bibliobuses para acercar los libros a la población que vive en los campamentos de Smara, Ausserd, Bojador y próximamente, Dajla. Nuestro objetivo es garantizar el acceso a la cultura, el conocimiento y el ocio a los saharauis. Más información:

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Breakfast to educate and protect in Yemen

Yemen is living a brutal humanitarian emergency. The girls are married off in hopes that they will be fed. The boys are recruited as soldiers. Their lives are hell: rapes, pregnancies, violence. If the school provides food, families are more likely to bring them. We give milk, bread, egg/cheese/tuna and fruit EVERY DAY to 1200 children and their lifes have changed!!. 1 breakfast =€0.50. 1month=€11. TOTAL 2 school/month= €13.200. Your € FEEDS, EDUCATES AND PROTECTS.

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. AGUA Para Yemen

At Solidarios Sin Fronteras we provide DRINKING WATER to Yemeni families affected by war. The blockade by Saudi Arabia and the USA has brought Yemen to the brink of famine: More than 220,000 dead and injured, 3 millions children with malnutrition, 6 out of 10 die before the age of 5, there is an epidemic of cholera. YOUR 1€ EVERY MONTH ALLOWS US TO FILL THE 21 WATER TANKS (336,000 liters per month) we have installed in the Arhab and Rydah camp, which hosts 4000 people. JOIN US! We need you